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Read this introduction then you can follow the links at the left hand menu to view our fireworks and order on line using our secure server, or you may place your order by phone. All prices include VAT.

Garden Parties are smaller selection packs suitable for medium and large sized gardens.

Garden fireworks - Aurora

Display Packs are packs of larger fireworks suitable for large garden parties and organized displays. Other Packs are packs of specific fireworks such as rockets, cakes etc. that can be used to supplement a display or to build your own display from.

Display Fireworks Packs - Shooting Star

If you are unsure which fireworks do what you may find this Glossary Of Fireworks Definitions useful.

You can request a printed version of our brochure by phone or email.


All fireworks comply with BS7114:Part2:1988 or an equivalent standard.
All fireworks are classified by HSE
All fireworks supplied in licensed UN approved cartons
All fireworks packed in biodegradable packaging
Our range of fireworks not only include items made or imported by ourselves, but also  specially selected items from other importers where we feel the quality and value match our high standards.

We clearly list the fireworks in our packs and provide photographs of our fireworks so you can see for yourself the value we offer. However, occasionally we may run out of a particular item or we may feel it does not meet our high standards. In this case we may substitute a firework with a similar item of the same or greater value.


You must be over 18 to buy fireworks.

Sandling Fireworks has a special license that enables us to sell fireworks to the public all year round.

You do not need any form of license to use our fireworks. Fireworks can be used on any occasion but please be considerate. For garden packs it is a courtesy to notify your neighbours and it can be a good idea to inform your local police, particularly if you are have a large fireworks party away from the traditional November and NYE periods. Try to avoid causing disturbance to hospitals, old peoples homes, animal shelters etc. and avoid using fireworks late at night. It is a legal requirement that fireworks may not be used after 11pm except for New Years Eve, Diwali and November 5th. For public events the fire brigade and police should be notified. Nearby airports or coast guards should be warned where appropriate. They merely need to know and will appreciate being informed.

Giving your own firework displayAlways read the label on the fireworks. Small fireworks may not have a safety distance printed on them but you should have at least 5m. Some fireworks complying with new standards may state 8m. All larger fireworks that are classified as Category 3 display Fireworks state a safety distance of 25m on the label. This is likely to reduce to 15m when new European stands come into force. For large events careful planning is needed. You might find the Health & Safety Executive guide "Giving your own firework display" useful. It is free to download as a pdf. See our idea of a site plan for a firework display here.



From the packs offered in our catalogue it is possible to put together a display for any occasion. The packs are arranged in sections. Garden Parties contain fireworks suitable for a large garden or small display. Display Packs contain larger, more spectacular fireworks. Other packs may contain specific types of fireworks such as rockets and roman candles that you can use to put your own display together. They can also be used to supplement the Garden or Display packs. Single Ignition, or single fuse, fireworks are large fireworks that can give a varied display of fireworks just by lighting one fuse. Most Garden and Display selection packs are designed to last 20-25 minutes depending on the speed of firing. Other packs last a few minutes each. Selection packs are supplied with full instructions regarding safety requirements to ensure that your display is a happy, safe event for all to enjoy.
When comparing prices, do not confuse quantity with quality. Larger packs contain larger fireworks. If you require more fireworks for your money simply order two smaller packs or increase the quantity by adding further special packs. SOMETHING SPECIAL? We can make lancework (fire writing) to suit your needs. Company logos, names or messages in fireworks are all possible. A great surprise for a birthday or anniversary!


Noisy Fireworks

pretty fireworks

big display fireworks
catherine wheel time

5 5 6 5 mins

You will see this table throughout our site. It is a very simple and not at all scientific way of describing what you can expect from a firework.

Noise level goes from 1 for a small fountain to 10 for an airbomb cake or very large rocket.

Colour is rather subjective but gives an idea of how many colours and how intense the colours are. 1 would be for a firework of a single colour such as a cake displaying all silver stars. 10 would be for a barrage containing every colour you can think of. If a firework has a low colour colour score it does not mean it is not an excellent firework. It may contain glitter, strobe or noise effects which are not colourful in their own right.

Height is rated from 1 for a garden fountain to 10 for our largest rockets.

Time gives an idea of how long a firework is likely to burn for. Where there is more than one firework in a pack this is the combined total, allowing for a slight pause between lighting the fireworks. It rather depends how slick you are at firing your display.



USA customers try ACME FIREWORKS

We cannot export our fireworks outside the United Kingdom mainland due to explosives regulations.

You can order on line using your credit card, debit card or Paypal. Simply click on the  ADD TO CART button to place an item in the shopping cart. You can view the contents of your cart at any time by clicking on the shopping cart logo on the top right corner of each page. You can delete any item or alter quantities here. You will not be billed for anything until you enter the payment section and give your credit card details, so you can use the cart as a wish list.

Shipping for orders over 200 is free, for orders with a value between 101 and 200 it is just 10 and for orders under 100 it is 18.  If you are lucky enough to live in sunny Gloucestershire, then delivery is free regardless of value.

 Please try to allow us a few days to process your order if you can but we are often able to dispatch using an overnight service if need be.  If you prefer you may telephone our office on 01452 855915 or email us at . You can even send us Ye Olde fax at 01452 855917.

Fireworks are delivered by carrier to your door. Someone over 18 needs to be in to sign for them. You may request that the fireworks are sent to a works address if this is more convenient.

Our office address at Gloucestershire Airport is just an office and we do not store any fireworks here.

When you receive your fireworks please check the number of of boxes is the same as that on the consignment note before you sign for them. The fireworks may be stored in a cool dry place until needed. On the day of the display familiarize yourself with the fireworks first. Large rockets are now packed in special wire cage packing which can take time to get through. You will need snips and gloves to remove the packing and this should be done during the day. Do not leave this until the night!

We hope you have found this firework packs information page useful.