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A description of which fireworks do what!

FOUNTAIN: A ground effect firework which produces a spray of sparks or other effects into the air. Chinese fountains tend to be quite novel. Larger fountains are often called GERBS. Some fountains are conic in shape which has the effect of a steadily increasing volume of sparks and noise. These are called CONES or VOLCANOES.

ROMAN CANDLE: Traditional multi-shot firework. Consists of a tube which fires a series of coloured stars or noise effects high into the air.

BOMBETTE  CANDLES fire shells into the sky which explode into starbursts.

BARRAGES OF 30MM CANDLES consist of four large 28-30mm fused together.


 usually contain four roman candles fused together.

CANDLE BOMBARDMENTS contain seven candles fused together.

CANDLE BOUQUETS  consists of roman candles strapped to a wooden frame in a fan shape.

CAKES are fireworks which are made up of a number of different tubes fused together sometimes in the shape of a cake. The tubes usual contain all sorts of different colours and effects making them very popular items.  Also known as SHOT TUBE BATTERIES or BARRAGES.

DISPLAY CAKES are larger versions of the above that can be used to supplement larger displays or as a stand alone display where a short sharp spectacular display is needed.

SINGLE IGNITION DISPLAYS Are a combination of fireworks fused together in one box. Light one fuse and enjoy a complete display! Also known as SINGLE FUSE items

MINES: These fireworks consist of a MINE pre-loaded into a cardboard MORTAR TUBE. The mine explodes from the ground and sends a large number of coloured stars and/or noise effects high into the air.

FOUNTAIN MINES have a silver fountain delay before the mine erupts. DOUBLE BREAK MINES erupt once, then screech and then erupt a second time. DISPLAY MINES are much larger more powerful mines suitable for larger public displays. Although mines are short and sharp the effect can be quite startling and usually draws a gasp from the crowd!

ROCKETS: Traditional and much loved fireworks produce the familiar WHOOOOSH! when fired from a FRAME or LAUNCH TUBE. Many types are included in our display packs. Generally the larger the pack the larger the rockets in it.  Some produce coloured bouquets or effects such as SPINNERS, CRACKERS, WHISTLES etc. SHELLBURST or STARBURST rockets burst like a shell and have a wide dispersion of stars to fill the sky.  Garden and shops goods rockets are now limited to 20g of composition. We are able to sell much larger display rockets by using special wire cage packing.

SHELLS: Probably the most spectacular of all fireworks but now banned for sale to the general public. Shells are fireworks which are fired from a MORTAR TUBE buried in the ground. A gunpowder charge fires the shell from the tube to a great height when it then explodes into a sphere of stars. If you require shells then please enquire about our OPERATOR FIRED SERVICE

WHEELS AND SETPIECES:  Wheels are spinning fireworks usually consisting of several DRIVER FOUNTAINS and effects attached to a frame. Some wheels may have two or three BREAKS which make a series of different effects. SETPIECES are similar in construction to WHEELS but do not rotate. They usually consist of a static bouquet of various FOUNTAINS. A fence post or similar is all that is necessary for smaller packs but larger devices in our DISPLAY PACKS need a sturdy post at least three metres high. For ease of firing a post for each device should be erected prior to the display. Alternatively one person can be designated solely to take down and put up these fireworks while someone else fires the rest of the display. Advise and tips on how to erect these devices easily are included in the pack instructions.

PORTFIRES and SAFETY LIGHTERS: Portfires are slow burning hand-held fireworks used to light other larger fireworks. Burning time is about five minutes. Sufficient numbers are included with each pack but extra portfires are available. SAFETY LIGHTERS are glowing pieces of wick and are used to light smaller fireworks.