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Rockets, roman candles, single ignition, cakes, display packs......It can be a bewildering task to choose the right fireworks, so here is a handy guide for choosing from our range of packs! For professional displays where we come along and do it all for you see here.

The first thing to consider is the nature of the event you are planning. From that you can then consider how long you want the fireworks to last, how spectacular you want the fireworks to be and then finally the types of fireworks to choose. You might find our Fireworks Glossary useful if you don't know which fireworks do what.

If you are having a bonfire night celebration then you are probably considering a full length display because your audience will be there expressly to see the fireworks - they are the highlight of the evening. We consider somewhere in the region of 20 - 25 minutes to about right. Much more than 30 minutes and your audience will most likely lose interest no matter how good the display. Some people like to split the display into two. The first being a taster of things to come. The interval gives time for your audience to buy hot dogs etc!

Our larger Garden Parties and our Display Packs are all designed to last for 20 - 30 minutes, depending how slick you are at firing them. The packs contain a complete range of fireworks including rockets, mines, roman candles, fountains, wheels, cakes and barrages. You should chose a pack depending on your budget. Bigger packs have bigger and better fireworks. Do not confuse quality with quantity. Having chosen a suitable pack you can then add to it if you wish by choosing from the additional packs available. For example, you might choose a Galaxy Display Pack and then decide you would like some extra rockets and something really big to finish on such as a Celebrity Party Fanned Cake from our Single Cakes section.

As an alternative, sometimes people like to design a display by buying from our Cake Packs and Single Cakes Packs with perhaps some rockets for higher level effects. Cakes are easy to set up and fire so the display needs comparatively little work.

These days no wedding celebration is complete without fireworks. To mark the end of the evening a short sharp display is what is required. We suggest that 3 - 5 minutes is about right and certainly no longer than 10 minutes. In this instance our Display Packs would contain too many fireworks and last too long, so instead you should look at our Cakes Packs, Single Cakes and Single Ignition Fireworks with perhaps a pack of Rockets. Single Ignition is the most popular item here because they are so easy to set up and fire. In particular our Display In A Box is a best seller for weddings providing a really spectacular and varied display.

Having a party? Finish the evening off with fireworks! For summer parties we suggest a fireworks display of 5 - 10 minutes duration. in Winter probably 5 - 6 minutes is long enough. Choice of fireworks will usually be similar to those mentioned in the Weddings section above. However for a less noisy family event you might want to consider our Fountains, Roman Candles or even our Supplementary Pack which contain a nice selection of Wheels and Setpieces.

Here you will probably want maximum impact so choose from our larger Single Ignition, Single Cakes or our very large Roman Candle Battery packs. Remember the bigger the better!

Noisy Fireworks

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big display fireworks
catherine wheel time

5 5 6 5 mins

You will see this table throughout our site. It is a very simple and not at all scientific way of describing what you can expect from a firework.

Noise level goes from 1 for a a small fountain to 10 for an airbomb cake or very large rocket.

Colour is rather subjective but gives an idea of how many colours and how intense the colours are. 1 would be for a firework of a single colour such as a cake displaying all silver stars. 10 would be for a barrage containing every colour you can think of. If a firework has a low colour colour score it does not mean it is not an excellent firework. It may contain glitter, strobe or noise effects which are not colourful in their own right.

Height is rated from 1 for a garden fountain to 10 for our largest rockets.

Time gives an idea of how long a firework is likely to burn for. Where there is more than one firework in a pack this is the combined total, allowing for a slight pause between lighting the fireworks. It rather depends how slick you are at firing your display.