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Which is better, which is more fun, what is the best value option? You might well be confused whether to put on your own display or book Sandling Fireworks to come and do it all for you!

There are a number of factors to consider here. The nature of the event you are planning, the time of year, the budget available and just how spectacular you want the display to be.

Many of our customers take great pleasure from firing their own fireworks so really there is only one option for the firework enthusiast. Our huge range of fireworks and firework packs make it possible to put on many kinds of displays and of course you get the real hands on experience. If you are new to THE wonderful world of fireworks you might want to consider coming to one of training days where you can see the various fireworks demonstrated and learn how to set them up safely.

The advantage of firework packs is that there is no minimum budget, even on November 5th! Plus you get to choose exactly what you want from our huge range of products. Most of the fireworks on our web site have videos showing how they perform so you can see before you buy.

If you have the budget available you might like to consider our professional firework display service. Costs depend on where and when the display is. We can fire summer wedding and party displays around the Gloucestershire area for as little as 600 plus VAT. We do fire shows all around the country,  we even did a show for a whisky distillery in Islay! So please phone to discuss your needs.  As a guide, shows at our busiest time of year prices usually start at 1500.

Firstly we satisfy ourselves that the site of your proposed display is safe and suitable for fireworks. If all is well we come along on the day and do all the work for you. We set up the fireworks come rain or shine while you get to enjoy your event. Our displays are fired by professional operators and are fully insured leaving nothing for you to worry about. One of the main advantages of having a professional display is that we can fire the really big stuff such as aerial shells that fill the sky. We are able to use big commercial grade fireworks that cannot be sold to the public. All you need to do is stand back and watch the sky light up with our amazing fireworks!