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Wheels are fireworks that revolve. Setpieces do not revolve but instead produce a static  display of fountains or coloured flairs. Some items have both static and moving components, such as our Triple Transformation. Wheels and setpieces need to be nailed to posts. Some smaller items can be nailed to a fence. Lancework consists of a large number of small coloured flairs called lances on a trelliswork frame. Pictures and messages can be custom made by using lancework. Waterfalls produce a cascade of silver sparks giving the impression of of a waterfall. Large waterfalls come in a row of units secured to a rope. The rope needs to be suspended between two posts. Click on the pictures or "MORE INFO" links to see a larger picture with a detailed contents list as well as VIDEO & s of the fireworks.   Actual pack contents may vary slightly. All prices include VAT.

Due to new EU regulations we are currently unable to sell wheels and setpieces as of July 2017. We hoping that these will be reinstated at some point in the future.